Today I peer pressured Tom into calling off work so we could pack the kids in the van and head a short hour north to York Beach in Maine where Lisa & the girls were enjoying the last day of their annual cottage rental. The weather was gorgeous, the waves were amazing and the kids were ecstatic, while us adults were quickly exhausted...
Sydney learned how to boogie board and was very proud to ride the "super huge" waves (in shin deep water) while Trystan preferred to dip in the ocean and then immediately faceplant into the dry sand - shake&bake style.
I'm not quite sure where these two got their love of all things sandy (I'm that mom who yells "NO SAND ON THE BLANKET!" whenever anyone comes within a three foot radius) but I did manage to get over my sand aversion long enough to build a giant sand turtle with the kids. They fought over whose shells made the best eyes...
By late afternoon we were ready for a quick hose-off & a ride into town on a TROLLEY to grab dinner and peruse the beach shops.
Check out these stachetastic glasses the girls are sporting - Papa this ones for you!

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sarah lavoie said...

shake and bake!!! looks like fun :)