Pumpkin Patch

We headed out to Boone Hall Plantation today for the Halloween Festival. Sydney got to play on the bizaare jump "pillow", feed some stinky goats, climb on the crazy tube swings, and we all enjoyed the exceptionally spooky hayride. All in all - a great time!
Here are some photos from the day.

"silly Daddy"

proud PopPop

I think she could have stayed in there all day.

Spooooky HayRide = "I'm Not Scared."
To see more, click here.. And pay close attention to the "pumpkin patch" - definitely not fooling anyone.


Olivia Wins!

Today was our neighborhood Halloween Party - costumes, contests, candy, what could be better?! Well - GranGran and PopPop made it to town just in time!

Sydney won the costume contest as Olivia the Piglet - her absolute FAVORITE storybook character. I was sure the prize was going to Strawberry Shortcake, Sydney's good friend Megan. I mean - check out that adorable hat!

Click here to see more of the Halloween fun.



Sydney went to her friends' birthday party this afternoon and got her face painted for the first time...

I was amazed that she was willing to sit still the whole time - not to mention how entranced she was by watching ALL the other kids get their faces painted too. Definitely a girl after my own heart.


Here's Sydney with the birthday girls Maranda & Mya.
What a great way to spend a Saturday!


playdoh Papa

Guess Who?!