Check it out...

We went boating the day after Christmas! Talk about beautiful weather...
we've lucked out this winter. Nana and Papa were in heaven.



Look who came by our house this morning!
(notice Sydney's barefoot and in a short sleeved shirt...)


We found our tree! It really does smell amazing.
(And yes we did pose our toddler with a hacksaw...)

Tree Farming

So - I've always wanted to go cut down our own Christmas tree and thought it'd be a great year for the three of us to head out to the tree farm. We looked online and found a place that boasted a train ride, a talking Christmas tree, a petting zoo, and even homemade apple cider. I hate to admit it, but I was super excited.
Here's a photo of Tom and Sydney checking out the trees. And while the "train ride" was actually a tractor pulling a string of rickety wooden carts that Tom and I barely fit into and on which I held Sydney extra tight and silently prayed the whole time that we made it back in one piece, and the talking tree was an old evergreen with a dirty Santa hat and a CB radio speaker in the branches connected to a woman talking to the kids from the large bay window of the "gift shop", and the homemade apple cider was really a hot water spicket and an open can of Nesquick, we actually had a pretty good time.
Although I'm not sure I will have much luck convincing Tom to go back next year seeing as he was the one who had to lay on the wet ground and hack away at the tree with a hand saw. I told him we could get the people to cut it down with the chain saw, but he insisted that it defeated the purpose. Oh well. At least we tried it.


check me out -

I've finally opened up an etsy shop...

it's been two days and I've already sold 4 items!
(mom, don't tell anyone the first one was from you...)