We're Back!

Well, we got in late last night and are happy to be back home. It was a wonderful weekend, but we are tired! Sydney and I were so exhausted that we both slept in until 11 this morning. I think that's a new record...
If you're interested, CLICK HERE to see more photos from our DC marathon visit.


Beautiful day for the Zoo!


sleeping beauties


Ready for the pool with Nana.

Sydney had a hot date with Julian today... literally.
It was a crazy day on the Mall - very hot, very humid, and very busy. The kids loved the Smithsonian. Or at least Johahna, Miloud & I enjoyed resting on the floor in the AC.
Sydney was more excited by the pigeons outside on the curb, and Julian was mesmerized by his parent's plastic water bottle. All in all a wonderful visit!
My favorite part of the day was when Sydney strong-armed Julian into playing pat-a-cake. I'm not sure she understands the term "gentle" ...sorry Julian...


Met Obama today...


Kicking back at the hotel after a full day of touring.

Sydney's on the Mall!

After our tour of the Capitol Building, we stopped in the Air & Space Museum and Sydney danced around All the airplanes in excitement. On our way out, she looked up at me and said, "Mommy - I want a nap now." Music to any Mom's ears!
So we took a stroll through the Hirshhorn and enjoyed some modern art while Sydney slept in her stroller. All in all a great day - we're having a wonderful time with Nana...


Just another Sunday at the casa Rokita.

Friday Fun

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on the boat with some friends today. Sydney was SO happy to be with Moira (as always!). The girls went swimming, built sandcastles, stomped on sandcastles, threw sand, and then ate some teddygrahams. All in all - a good day.


happy wife happy life

and a happy anniversary it was...

...here's to 4 wonderful years of being your "awfully wedded wife"

a flower from our Rocky plant!


tubby time



Apparently reading her "Sydney Book" is Very exhausting work.


breaking ground

For those of you who have asked about my upturned tomatoes, here's a new photo of their search for the sunlight...
And just when I was about to give up on my Sunflower seeds, I saw a few little sprouts breaking ground this afternoon... it seems to be the little things that make me smile these days.


CHEEZ-ITs by the pool with Moira. What could be better?!