duck, duck, Swan

Last week, I informed Tom he'd be taking us all to the Duckling Day Parade in the city to celebrate Mother's Day. After all, it's my day, so if I want to dress my children in duck costumes and march the streets of Boston to reenact a juvenille storybook, so be it.
Lisa mentioned the parade to me a couple months back and as you can imagine, after hearing the words "costume" "duckling" and "public garden" in the same sentence, my ears immediately perked up. The event celebrates the classic Boston-based children's book Make Way for Ducklings and the parade follows the Mallard family's route from the Charles River to the Public Gardens (or at least as much of it as a four year old could walk without complaining).
And just so you don't think I'm making this up, check out the official Duckling Day Parade website here (paying close attention to photo #19 - ahem, yes we're famous).

Highlights from the day:

A quick stop at Mr. Balloon Wizard before the parade.

Lil' duckiling Mack, Mrs. Mallard, & Officer Michael watch the magician.

Daddy gives Mrs. Mallard's tired feet a rest.

Taking in the sites at the Public Garden.

Giving hugs to the real Mrs. Mallard.

Want more photos? Click here.


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