Shopping with the girls.

Don't be fooled by the innocent smiles. Check out the VIDEO to see the "cousin-love"...


Scootin w the big girls.


Strawberry Fields for Sydney

We went strawberry picking yesterday and ended up with over 4 1/2 lbs of delicious, ripe berries - which we seem to have devoured in just over 24 hours. I think covering half of them in chocolate helped speed up the rate of consumption...

Sydney's now asks "peez, mummy? choc-lat staw-bewy??" every five minutes.


Easter Egg Hunt complete!

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Talking to Nana... on 2 phones of course.


Happy (Early) Birthday Sydney!

Sydney had a birthday party this afternoon - we had bubbles and pizza and cake and ice cream (and maybe some beer). A good time was had by all - here are some photos to prove it...
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Flowertown Festivus

Look who was on the front page of the Summerville newspaper...

... or at least posed behind a cut out of the front page of the newspaper. Whatever.

Miss You Rocky.