time to babyproof...


lil sweethearts

Lisa & Ella came over for lunch today and while we had them here for a rare twenty minutes of downtime, I felt compelled to take some long overdue photos of the junior cousins... and not a minute too soon. I don't think these adorable little denim getups I scored on clearance at Old Navy would have fit them if we'd have waited another day. And to be honest, I'm not sure which makes me happier - the photos of the wee ones looking so darn cute together, or the fact that each outfit only cost me about $1.27!

Click here to see a few more of the photos. Notice how Ella is so docile and beautifully posed, while Trystan is a bumbling blur or energy trying his best to flee the scene, or at least cause some mahem along the way.


snow way josé

And yes, it's still snowing.