Home Again

Well, Sydney and are are back home in SC and we had such a wonderful visit with the family, it was really sad to say good bye. To steal Lisa's word, it was "phenomenal!"
But it was also REALLY nice to see Tom again and Sydney was literally squealing when she saw him at the airport...

I'll post some pictures soon, but for now we're just relaxing and getting back into our routine.


Matty baked this Pie with our hand-picked apples!

All tuckered out...


amelia's first fish

...from Matty's phone.


On our way to see the Cohens!


Sydney's New Moves

Cousin Jakob has the Roboto, Cousin Isabelle has the Margarena, Cousin Amelia has the Cotton-Eyed-Joe, and baby Sydney has this...



and YES! it's her life jacket... I can't believe how many people have asked me. Do you really think I'd put her in a "decorative" shark vest?! Come on now, I'm not that bad...
Lifeguard Sydney.


Hanna has passed without much excitement... sunny & hot once again.


didn't quite get the concept...

Check it out. I realized I can send video from my phone too...
Here's proof that Sydney has finally got over her fear of the jump castle. She had a blast on this slide... and by the time I took this little video, she moved on to the ladder UP to the slide. And yes, that is my finger in the bottom left of the video. Learn to love it.