I survived the entire summer without any animals feasting on my prized vegetable garden... then last week eight white eggplants disappeared, then six bell peppers, a handful of lima beans, a lemon-sized watermelon and an entire pot of radish sprouts (pot, soil and all) - I suspected deer, a fox, maybe even a chipmunk. I started to believe Sydney was stockpiling our harvest somewhere in secret. But today I caught our culprit red-handed:


break it down

Sydney's first rock show!


from westcoast to westford

My dearest friend Sarah and her adorable one-year-old son Oscar flew in to Boston from Oregon for a family wedding and we were lucky enough to steal them for a day. Sydney showed Oscar all her toys (rather forcefully I might add) and I showed Sarah all my sewing machines. Then we went for a quick trip to Parlee Farms to see the animals, the pumpkins, and of course the award winning apple cider donuts.

Back at home we cracked open some steamed lobsters for dinner, and finally cooked up the garden-fresh butternut squash for the little guys. Everyone was happy. I only wish Sarah & Oscar could have stayed longer! To see more photos from our day, Click Here.


chunky monkey

I finally gave Trystan some "real food" tonight - steamed, smashed summer squash straight from the garden - I think it's safe to say he liked it.


full house

Look who came out to Westford today:

Great Great Aunt Rita & THE Grand Bubba! It was amazing to have so many generations together in our home. Better yet, my favorite part of the day was driving Bubba around on the 4-wheeler. I believe her exact response to my invitation for a ride was a calm "Oh Yes" followed quickly by "You all thought I came out here to visit you, but really I came out to ride THAT thing."
Yes, that's my Bubba. I'd like to think I've inherited a bit of her moxie.


first day - first to arrive.

Sydney started Preschool today, and while most of you know I am by NO means a "morning person," we managed to arrive to school an entire 35 MINUTES early! Yes, I messed up the dropoff time. Of course my first thought was, "WHAT?! I could have slept another half hour!" But luckily my morning mistake left us just enough time to stop by and say hi to Cousin Isabelle at the bus stop...

And if that's not worth waking up too early, inhaling only a third of my coffee and then rushing Sydney out the door while trying to wrestle two doberman out of the way with a 40 lb infant carrier, I don't know what is!