ice ice & baby

Uncle Matty taught the girls (& Tom) the fine art of ice fishing this morning. When she arrived home, Sydney explained proudly, "We caught a WORM!" and judging by Isabelle's pants, it looked like she enjoyed some ice swimming... but they all had fun, and I got some alone time with lil T which is always a good thing.


got mail

We took a walk down to the mailbox this afternoon. Trystan seems to love being all bundled and just peeks his little head out of his carrier to keep an eye on the snow flurries falling from the trees, while Sydney prefers to make snowball after snowball "to drink" along the way. When we made it to the mailbox I noticed it was barely hanging on by one screw and was nearly falling off the mangled post.
"What happened here?!" I exclaimed to which Tom shrugged with a guilty grin.
"Must've been the plow..." he accused.
"You ARE the plow!" I huffed as I opened the mailbox and watched the mail slide right out into the slush on the street.


yet another snow storm

We are up to our necks in snow here... literally!


history repeats itself

Apparently Trystan enjoys the excitement of food shopping just as much as Sydney used to...



We had quite a storm here today - lots and lots and lots of snow. Schools were closed (actually, everything was closed) so we didn't even leave the house - but to plow, shovel and make the ocassional snow angel. Instead we stayed in our PJs all day and Syd enjoyed endless board games and far too many animated TV shows, all the while demanding "PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF! APPLE JUICE!" Apparently in her world, this delicacy requires no please nor thank you, and appears instantly and miraculously out of thin air - without crusts.



I can't decide which is cuter - Trystan's new trick (he's just SO proud of himself) or his new overalls from Uncle Edwah & Auntie Carol! You be the judge...