"cool bus"

Trystan may call it a "cool bus" but on this hot August day - it was anything but! As excited as Sydney was to check out her new ride to Kindergarten, I was equally impatient for our ever-friendly bus "driver" to end the parked introduction to the rules of the road & the "hands & heads inside the vehicle at all times" lesson & get to the emergency exit out that itty bitty back door so we could get out of the lollipop-hyped sauna. Luckily Sydney & Trystan weren't nearly as bothered by the heat & I feigned excitement long enough to get Sydney super siked to hop right on that bus & not look back when the time comes... Wow. Is my baby girl really starting school already?!

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sarah lavoie said...

awww.. baby girl!
i had drinks last night with someone who has a teenager and her current tear-jerker-my-baby-is-growing-up was that he's taller than her! where does the time go?!

...she is getting so BIG!