finally - photos

At last, we are getting a bit more accustomed to being a family of (gasp) FIVE! We are all starting to settle into our new roles, while slowing our pace to fit our new family schedule (or lack thereof). And somehow amidst it all I managed to steal some time to edit the photos from little Miss Penelope's birth. It only took me a month... (plus yet another week to upload & post!)
Big thanks to Lisa who braved the delivery AND managed to capture some amazing images, and to Nana who, unbeknownst to me, picked up the camera when the kids met their new baby sis just minutes after birth and took our very first family photo.
What a proud moment it was!


We stopped at the arcade, where we enjoyed a couple endless games of skeeball - literally. The kids couldn't seem to roll the balls far enough, so it was more like a game of catch...
But we somehow managed to win enough points for a couple toy soldiers, a miniature Doberman figurine and two tiny packs of M&Ms which Trystan is obviously very proud of.
And now, as could be expected, Sydney is complaining that she "lost Rolo!" in her volleyball court sandcastle and Trystan wants me to take the sand off his candy...


Kimballs added a few more roosters!


my "babies"

Penny's already learning to share...



Why yes I did sew her that bonnet - how could you tell?


4:00 am

Sleepy snuggles. My favorite!

HEY! ride

I'm hiding the keys as I type...





Can you guess what Sydney studied at school today?


here we go again

It's that time again! You've heard it before and I'll say it again. I can't believe it's been So long since I posted and I Swear I'll be better this time around and blah blah blah...
But this time I have the ultimate excuse - a new baby!
On May 25th at 10:48 AM we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family. Penelope Marie weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was born quickly, just in time for the holiday weekend! My most civilized labor & delivery yet. So far we've been laying low and getting used to being a family of five. Nana has been staying with us to help out and the kids now wake up and instinctively ask, "NANA?!"
Yesterday I had to break the news that no, Nana had in fact gone home for a couple days, Tom was back to work, and I was on my own with all three for the day. There was a lot of crying, a little puking, and I even got a rock to the head - all before lunchtime. But I made it through the day, somehow.
So while I can't honestly promise I'll have free time to post lengthy commentaries on the joys of motherhood or the ins and outs of our daily lives, I Can promise a photo here and there or a quick update from any of our exciting outings. Just be prepared that "exciting" for us could mean a walk to the mailbox... or feeding a family of geese out the car window.