I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I've borrowed an idea I stumbled across online and created our family a "bucket list" (so to speak) of things we hope to do before the end of summer. Today we tackled "Build An Outdoor Fort" or, ahem, I did - with Penny strapped in her carrier and Trystan ransacking the garage while Sydney asked for a juice box, a popsicle, a play date & anything else her little heart desired. I nearly quit each and every time someone cried or complained and when Sydney finally begged to "just watch a movie" I almost caved. But alas, once the blanket went on the ground and the trucks & ponies moved in, the kids finally took an interest. Even Penny seemed to calm as I lay to nurse her and read them all a book. And now, as I sit at the window watching Sydney play ponies with her feet in the grass while Trystan rocks his baby doll to sleep, I understand that this roller coaster job of mothering is truly worth the ride.
Build An Outdoor Fort - CHECK.

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sarah lavoie said...

oh man i hear that! you go, mama :)
wow, a summer bucket list! what is ON that thing????? i just try to make it through each day.