It's been a long time...

Well, I have LOTS of adorable pictures to post from our trip back home but it's been such a whirlwind and so much has happened since my last post that I just haven't had a spare minute to upload or update... so let me explain:
Inevitably - while I was in Boston, we not only had two second-showings from two interested buyers (MIS-scheduled - of course - at just about the SAME time) but we had an offer quickly come in which (after the obligatory negotiations) Tom and I accepted. Strangely enough, it was the exact moment that Matty touched the ultrasound transducer to my belly and I caught a glimpse of our baby boy that I got the call on my cell phone from Tom that we had an offer.
From that moment on, the rest of the visit and the rest of this past month has been one big QUICK blur. Our buyers wanted to close in less than 30 days so here we are - up to our ears in boxes, trying to comprehend the reality of what's going on.
My car will be picked up for transport tomorrow night. The moving truck will come Friday morning to take all of our worldly belongings to storage, and Saturday morning Tom, Sydney, Rolo, Kya and I will pack into the truck and tow the boat up into the snow.
Thanks to Matty and Lisa we will have a place to stay while we are searching for a home and we are optimistic we will be in a new place before the baby arrives (and before Matty and Lisa realize they are Crazy for inviting two dobermans, two extra cars and a BOAT to stay at their home).
Wish us luck. I think we might just need it!