I know, I know - what hair? But truly, Trystan may still be nearly bald, but he's been growing a little baby-fro at the nape of his neck. It's just enough to give him a nice glow of bedhead when he wakes up from napping. So I decided my boy wasn't fit for a baby mullet and gave him a little fuzz cut this evening. It took all of one minute, but I guess it counts as his first official haircut, so Sydney took a photo to commemorate the ocassion. I promise he wasn't nearly as unhappy as he looks... two minutes later he was back to scavenging in the vanity for his sister's lipsmacker to throw in the toilet.



One year ago today, Sydney and I were spending the afternoon at the mall with my good friend Kyla and her two daughters. Oddly enough, we were convinced by the mall photographer to "stop in for a free picture" - Kyla was in town visiting for her birthday, we rarely get everyone together, all the girls were smiling and giddy - so why not? As it turns out, I never had a chance to view our "free photo" that day - instead, my water broke, and I went straight from our impromptu photo shoot to the hospital, where we welcomed Trystan at 11:59 PM. So here's Trystan on his very "first" birthday...

And here he is today - we went back for another photo,
for old time's sake.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, little guy!