I've been having some trouble posting this week from our fun-filled family vacation at this beautiful dude ranch in upstate NY. Forgive me if some posts arrive late - most of my emails have been returned and/or delayed. As you can imagine, the strength of the ranch wifi isn't the cowboys' top priority... In the meantime, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope this goes through.

giant carrot little baby

The kitchen puts out a bucket of the most enormous carrots every night
for guests to feed the horses. Penny is holding one of the smaller



This week I discovered Trystan "counts" to 14! A few weeks ago Nana told me he could count, but I never taught him, so I kinda assumed she was proudly exaggerating, but lo and behold while walking downstairs the other day, I heard him counting each step along the way. I couldn't believe it. I'm still trying to figure out where he picked it up from (hide @ seek maybe?) and what other tricks he's hiding from us. I attempted to record him counting. Hear for yourself.


first harvest

Lettuce, Beans & Peas, Oh My!


mini van full

On the way to the fireworks!

6 weeks

and smiling!


5th of July

Morning after late-night fireworks at Nana & Papa's:



Tonight we tried out an idea I saw on Waffleizer.com which claimed you
can make ice cream sandwiches using regular old cake mix cooked in a
waffle iron. And this family is always up for anything involving our
beloved waffle iron. So lo and behold, it works! Regularly prepared
cake mix cooked just the same exact way as our typical waffles... fill
with a layer of ice cream and you've got one happy family!