sunny sunday

We spent the day floating on the intercoastal today. Kya was delighted to be included. And MAN does she like to swim! Do not be fooled - that life jacket isn't to help her swim, it's to slow her down so we can keep up...

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Won't You Sing With Me?

LMNO seems to have become one letter...


Guess Who?

Look familiar??
It's actually Amelia...


Sydney kisses her crib good bye for good...

(just in time for it to be RECALLED.)


Thanks Chloebee & Fam!



This made me smile...


Keeping busy.

I've been out in the yard a lot this week - planting has been helping my mood, and Sydney is more than happy to keep me company in the dirt and water - so I thought I'd share a couple pictures of my vegetable plants. I saw the topsy turvy for growing tomato plants upside down and fell in love. But have you seen the thing?
It's an eyesore, so I made my own with some cheap hanging planters... I'm hoping it will keep the tomatoes out of Sydney's reach, but with how fast both Sydney and the plants are growing -
I may have to hang them higher!

Within 24 hours the leaves all turned up toward the sun. Even on the small ones. And I put more plants on top - rosemary, basil, even hot peppers. Anyhow - it gave me a lift. I'll keep you posted on how it works out...

Escaping on the intercoastal...

Cabana Sydney


It pains me to have to post this, but I've had a lot of questions and it's just too difficult to keep repeating our sad news over and over again...

We suffered some incredibly serious complications with our pregnancy and were forced to say good bye to our baby girl June this week. While this has been an incredibly difficult time for us, we truly appreciate your support and love as we grieve the loss of our little angel.

We Miss You little Junebug...