Soccer Saturday

Sydney got her Soccer Uniform at practice this morning.
The Titans are Tangerine!

I don't think we'll have any problems spotting our teammates on the field... even if our games happen to be scheduled for the middle of the night during the Winter Solstice.

Silkscreen Success

Look what I made Sydney tonight:

My first two-color print! The registration's a little off and I smeared a little red ink on the shirt, but lucky for me Sydney's so in love with Olivia that she won't even notice... we'll see how she likes it in the morning. Maybe she'll even wear it to Soccer Practice! More news tomorrow.


Sydney Starts Soccer

Sydney had her first micro-soccer practice today... and while I can't tell you she really grasps the concept of the game just yet, I can report that she had a blast meeting her team, running all over the field (and sometimes even the neighboring fields), "PLAYING WITH MOIRA!" as she likes to scream at any given moment, and most importantly - learning to use the couch's gigantic water jug all by herself.
Click Here to view the photos & videos from practice.


Sunday on the water.


Sydney's First Day

Today was Sydney's first day of "school" at the YMCA - and she seemed to have a blast. Before we left this morning, I was trying to prepare her for the reality that I wasn't staying with her, and she looked at me and said, "Mummy, you gonna go home? do a little work?" and when I said, "yes," she got a far away stare and then quickly looked back at me and screamed, "I play with KIDS!" (Picture full fist pump & leg stomp here for added emphasis.)
There were definitely a few moments when I dropped her off where she got incredibly shy and looked around at the other kids like they had three heads, and I have to admit every time the phone rang while I was home, I instinctively thought it must be the Y telling me Sydney was crying hysterically for me, but I also got the entire house cleaned had two loads of laundry done, checked my email and even had time to plan dinner.
Don't get me wrong, it made my day to hear, "It's my MOMMY, it's my MOMMY!" when I picked her up, but it would have been an added bonus if she was actually willing to let go of her kung-fu grip on the swingset in order to come home with me.