hangin out



congrats Amm!

Trystan and I flew out to Colorado on Friday for one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding. To my surprise, T was not the only (nor the youngest) baby there. There was also a 1 yr old, a 9 month old, an 8 week old, and even a 7 week old!
I have to admit, between the time change, the elevation change and the general mayhem that tends to ensue when traveling with a newborn, I was expecting a difficult trip, but I was amazed at how well Trystan did and how smoothly everything worked out. I do believe T could quite possible be the easiest baby. (PHEW!)
Here are some photos from the weekend. The wedding site was amazing - a very private, serene meadow in the mountains of Pine, Colorado. Perfectly Ammilee!


sleepy T

Four hour flight to Denver and he slept the whole way! That's my boy...


sweets & dreams

My good friend Robyn was visiting earlier this week and since she enjoys taking photos as much as I do - I've got some great images to post. Enjoy!

(And YES, Ma - I did brush her teeth after the lollipop...)


thanks Sarah!

...finally got around to photographing Trystan on his new quilt with his new lil' buddy. Aren't they all so cute?!


morning sun

This is how we spend our mornings these days. Typically Sydney has about four wheeling toys, two folding chairs, a huge tea set, and a mud pie restaurant set up in the driveway. And I could care less if it means I can get a few minutes of peace in the garden... (This weekend I had Tom build me another 8' x 8' square. I think I'm getting a little carried away... but seriously - addicted to vegetable planting? it could be a lot worse.) And did I mention I caught Rolo picking up my seedling pots in his mouth and spilling them randomly across the lawn? That dog never ceases to amaze me...


8 week old baby

35 YEAR old jumper!!