Sydney just loves to watch Olivia learn ballet, so this morning she joined in...


growing like a weed!

hot peppers, sunflower + Sydney & echinacea flowers

Sydney likes Rolo's new toy...


Life is Good.

We welcomed a 7 month old dobie named Rolo into our family this weekend and as you can see, he's made himself right at home with us. Today we found out he likes the water just as much as Kya!


Lazy Friday.


Crazy driver!

At the sandbar.


Sydney helped me garden this week...


fudgicle + sprinkler

I must have taken this photo as soon as I gave them the fudgicles, because two seconds later Sydney had chocolate from ear to ear.


more water

It was a beautiful day today... until about 6 when it began to downpour. Didn't stop us.

The boys broke out the raft to ride the rapids in the street. I tried to get Sydney on it, but she was perfectly content to just watch Callen. Maybe next time...
Check out the video here.


Water Water Everywhere

After storytime at the library and a delicious lunch (thank you Sarah), the girls came back to the house and found the garden hose...

They say you should expect your 2 yr old to play "around" other children, but not expect them to interact or form friendships...
Ha. They definitely aren't talking about Sydney and Moira - these girls Love eachother!

homemade boiled peanuts!
(I was trying to photograph the peanuts alone,
but "yoink!" Sydney spotted them mid-photo.)


Sydney Wins!

Awaiting the judges at the bike parade...


Please No Smoking.

Nana and Papa flew in this week, and we've been having a wonderful time out on the boat, at the pool, and most importantly - buying dangerous, contraband explosives from chain-smoking locals. Papa loaded up on the "buy one get one free" fireworks and we plan to have quite a show for Sydney on the Fourth...

View more photos HERE and stay tuned for updates on the fireworks extravaganza!