Green Friday

Well, no doorbuster deals could get us out of bed at 4 am this Friday, but we did head out in the afternoon to get our Christmas Tree (or "Hanukkah Bush", depending on which side of the family you're on...) Tom was ready to buy the first one he saw, but I insisted he hold them up one by one, so Sydney and I could inspect each one and find the perfect Rokita Family Christmas Tree. By tree number two, Sydney cared more about hiding her toy frog in the cinder blocks separating the trees while completely ignoring Tom and me - so we compromised on a nearly perfect tree that was on top of the pile and called it a day.

Surprisingly, we brought the tree in the house and set it all up by Friday night, but since then we've only made it as far as the lights and a few strands of tinsel. But Sydney doesn't seem to mind. That way she can still play "Ring-Around-The-Christmas-Tree" and not break anything.



Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday. We enjoyed a nice relaxed Thanksgiving over at Ms. Cindy's house next door. I made Sydney a simple little smockdress for the occasion, and surprisingly she loved it. It was reversible so she kept peeking inside the collar to make sure her pocket was still there, or to announce that the "S for Sydney" was on the inside... Typically she couldn't care less about anything I make her, and as soon as I make her try something on, she takes one look and says, "mmn, I want this Off" so I was thankful that she was pretty excited to wear this little number. And best of all, when she inevitably got cranberry sauce and gravy on one side, we just flipped it over, so she could get pumpkin pie and whipped cream on the other.


Soccer Star

Well, the Titans had their last game of the season this past Saturday.

After the game (and after their "Mighty Mighty Titans" song)

they had a little awards ceremony and...

Sydney got a TROPHY - a bobblehead soccerman trophy to be exact.
She's very proud. As were we.

Although I do think Syd's trophy should have read, "ALL STAR HANDHOLDER" or "RING-AROUND-THE-ROSIE QUEEN" or "DID I KICK IT ENOUGH TO GET A TREAT YET?"


Tiny Titans

Got Sydney's soccer photos today...

I guess I should be happy she's even looking at the camera.


Soccer Syd

Check it out - it looks like she's actually running TOWARD to ball!
Now that's what I call progress... or just a well-timed photo. Either way, I'll take it.


It's official...

Well, I'm finally ready to announce the news... I'm pregnant!
And it's a Boy!! Thanks to those of you who have been keeping it a secret - or who have just been pretending not to see my bulging belly. I had my 16 week ultrasound today and everything looked good - so that was a huge relief. They've put my due date at April 17th, which means Sydney may just have to share her birthday with this little guy. I'm betting she'll be okay with that... as long as it doesn't involve sharing her cake.


A Very HAPPY Halloween!

Don't worry Papa - I brushed her teeth like crazy...
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