Better than Ice Cream!

Nana & Papa are here for the Holiday!!

Ironically, just as Tom and I were catching a poorly-timed cold, Nana & Papa were catching a flight down to Charleston to spend Christmas with us in our 70 degree Winter Wonderland. By the time they arrived, Tom was feeling a little better and I had lost my voice completely. Sydney was just getting used to me clicking, whispering, and (unfortunately) snapping at her - and her new favorite phrase was "Mommy, You Speak LOUDER!" so she was even MORE excited than normal to see (and hear) Nana & Papa - as was I! (read NAPTIME for Mommy)
For those of you who don't know, Nana is recovering from some scheduled surgery on her foot and is hobbling on crutches, so she was being chauffered by my father through the airport - Sydney was more than happy to take over...

Walking out of the airport, Nana was laughing hysterically at the site of us in the crosswalk - Sick Pregnant Woman pushing Grandmother holding Toddler in wheelchair while carrying crutches. "We would be at least a thousand points!" she burst out laughing. You can see where I get my sense of humor from.

But regardless of any of our setbacks, we had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed lots of laughs (and naps) and plenty of Christmas fun!
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Santa's "Sleigh"

Waiting for Santa to come on the firetruck...

and here he is! All the kids came out to see him
and everyone got candy from his fireman "elf"

I realized today that Sydney doesn't really know what a sleigh is.
She's only ever seen Santa on a Firetruck!


No Tears.

Santa stopped by the Club House today. Sydney was genuinely very excited to see him, and thankfully he was patient enough to wait for her to ask for "candy and Olivia's Christmas Book" to which he just smiled and nodded. But on the way home Syd assured us that Santa already knew all this because, "Yeah, it's on my list."

But ironically, after we lit the candles tonight, it was Hanukkah Harry that brought her the coveted Olivia Helps with Christmas. I just finished reading it to her after Daddy tucked her in bed. Oh yes, it is a Happy Hanukristmas for everyone!

Note the new Olivia doll that Auntie Berta sent (and Sydney's matching collar left over from her Halloween costume) as well as her new boots from GranGran and PopPop, which I might add, light up in three places when she walks... (and Yes, I Do wish they made them in my size - thank you very much.)


Just another

day at the park with Moira...



Today Sydney discovered the magic that is the S'more.