This past Sunday, the Cohen's took us back in time to a good ol' Drive-In. We ate dinner on the tailgate, got the girls hopped up on candy, and piled in the bed of the truck for the latest Shrek movie. And when I say the "bed" of the truck - I mean it literally. That's Matty's air mattress you see the girls lounging on...

Check out a video of the candy-induced laughing fest here.


Family Friday

Today Lisa and I took the girls for an impromptu trip to the "beach" just a few minutes away from the house. The weather was perfect and our timing couldn't have been better. We had the whole place to ourselves. And surprisingly the pond wasn't all that cold.
(Notice how Isabelle's entire face is blocked by Sydney curly 'fro... hysterical!)
Meanwhile, Trystan was happy to just lounge in the shade

at least until I put his lil scally cap on.



a lil' dirt don't hurt.

My Mothers Day gift is finally in! Nothing like a couple of 2x6's and a big ol' mound of dirt to say they love me...
The cherry tomatoes, red & yellow peppers and a few herbs are in. The rest are still germinating. And I'm now taking bets on who will get to the veggies first - the dogs, the deer, or Sydney. I just don't understand why - in our entire yard and the land around us - everyone feels the need to jump, wiggle and/or dig in my nice lil' 8x8' square?!


"take our picture!"

good idea Isabelle...


Thanks Matty.

Matty upgraded his mower to a zero-turn...
so Tom got a "new" toy today!

I have a feeling he'll be riding it down to get the mail soon.



This is what Trystan thinks of food shopping:


"free" time

Finally, I found a few minutes to post...