knock knock

The door is IN!

But notice that the first foot and a half of hardwood is OUT... Tom had to take the hardwood and the subfloor out because of water damage. Apparently the old homeowners weren't aware that an unsealed door & an absence of gutters was a bad combination. I'm trying to think of it as an opportunity to create a new tiled entryway, but Tom seems to enjoy calling it our new skylight to the basement.


good morning?

This morning I woke up to find a big gaping hole in the front of our house... let's hope tomorrow morning I can post a photo of our new and improved front door. (And let's also hope the coyote don't realize that the only thing separating them from us is a utility tarp and some staples.)


look who's sitting

That's right - Charlie Brown!

He's also starting to prop himself up on his hands and knees for a minute or two (at which time he shoots me a look that begs, "What now?!" and then topples into the inevitable faceplant)
I'm really trying to savor these last few sedentary weeks before he gains mobility and life as I know it is officially over.



peek week

Sydney had her last day of Gymnastics today, and while they typically discourage us nosy parents from staying to watch the class, today we were welcome to enjoy "peek week" and watch the kids show off what they have learned during the session. I have to admit I have, on rare occasions, secretly glanced in the window to the gym to see how my little tumbler was doing and am proud to report she tackled those lessons like a pro. Walk sideways on the balance beam and hop on one foot? No problem. Forward roll down the incline mat? Easy. Climb her feet up the wall in a reverse handstand? She did it twice and laughed.
So when I arrived at Peek Week, I grabbed a seat front and center so I could show Sydney just how proud I was. Auntie Lisa came too - we sat with babes in arms and waited with smiles and shared proud grins while Sydney's teacher called her name and asked her to take "ten jumps on the trampoline" to which Sydney replied a low, soft, "ma ma" and looked out at me unwilling to move. The teacher moved on to the rest of the kids and then asked Syd again if she wanted to take her ten jumps... a painfully slow crawl toward the trampoline ensued, then an almost non-existent bounce as she stared at me with a look of terror and confusion.
The vault? Oh yeah, that was equally as painful. Lisa kept mumbling, "Don't look at her. Look the other WAY" which suprisingly seemed to help. It was hard not to laugh. You can see she warmed up a bit with the balance beams.

Of course, the few photos I have where it looks like she may have actually participated are blurry... I think next time I'll might watch Peek Week from outside the window.


Why yes, his father is an Award Winning swimmer - how did you guess?


halloween gnomes

I just had to post these:

That makes my Official Halloween Costume Count =
3 garden gnomes + 2 hobos + 1 kitty cat + 1 Charlie Brown.

happy halloween

from our own little Charlie Brown and "Sparkly Kitty Cat"